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Indian Journals - Impact factor

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Indian journal crosses impact factor 2.00 for the first time

The Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India (BASI) [ISSN: 0304-9523], a quarterly journal published by the Astronomical Society of India, registered office at the Astronomy Department, Osmania University, Hyderabad has become the first Indian journal to cross impact factor (IF) of 2.000 for the first time; its 2010 IF being 2.6001. However, the 2009 IF of the BASI was 0.312.


In 2004, two Indian journals crossed IF of 1.000 for the first time3. Since then, this escalating trend has been continuing4.


More importantly, the 2010 edition of the Journal Citation Reports, science edition ( n = 8005) lists 93 Indian journals , the maximum number of Indian journals covered so far. Of these, 9 journals have IF > = 1.000 (Table 1).It is indeed a healthy sign for the Indian S&T journals.


Table 1 - Nine Indian Journal with 2010 IF>=1.000 in the Journal Citation Report 2010 Science Edition



 Sl. No
Abbreviated Journal Title
2010 Impact Factor              
3 INDIAN J MED RES   0971-5916 1.826
4 J POSTGRAD MED   0022-3859 1.589
5 J GENET   0022-1333
6 INDIAN J VIROL   0970-2822 1.133
7 J CHEM SCI   0974-3626 1.075
8 ANN THORAC MED   1817-1737 1.06
9 INDIAN J MED MICROBIOL   0255-0857 1.06




















Indian Council of Medical Research,
V. Ramalingaswami Bhawan,
Ansari Nagar,
New Delhi 110 029, India

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3. Jain N C, Two Indian journals cross impact factor 1.00 in 2004, Current Science, 89(3) (2005) 429.
4. Jain N C, Five Indian journals cross impact factor 1.000 in 2008, Current Science, 97(9) (2009) 1273.

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