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Call for Research Articles

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Indian Society for Education and Environment (iSee)




Call for articles


iSee strives to bridge regional knowledge gaps and strengthen the academic ties among researchers and learners. In this regard, iSee publishes blind peer reviewed research articles, reviews, case studies and popular articles by open access policy (free) that enhance the visibility of the author’s work. This helps the researchers for professional consultation, higher citation index and at the same time benefitting the world community by means of unlimited knowledge sharing.  

Online Submission: http://www.iseeadyar.org/isee_online_submission.html


The following international journals are published by iSee as open access on fast track:


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

  http://www.indjst.org/             ISSN: 0974-6846 (print); 0974-5645 (online)


Indian Journal of Innovations and Development

http://ijid.informaticspublishing.com/        ISSN: 2277-5382 (print); 2277-5390 (online)


Indian Journal of Education and Information Management

http://ijeim.informaticspublishing.com/      ISSN: 2277-5366 (print); 2277-5374 (online)


Indian Journal of Drugs and Diseases

http://ijdd.informaticspublishing.com/        ISSN:2278–294x(print);2278-2958(online)


Indian Journal of Medicine and Healthcare

http://ijmh.informaticspublishing.com/       ISSN: 2278-3334 (print); 2278-2966 (online)


Indian Journal of Energy                                      

http://ije.informaticspublishing.com/          ISSN: 2278-926X (print); 2278-9278 (online)


Indian Journal of Bioinformatics and Biotechnology

http://ijbb.informaticspublishing.com/   ISSN: 2319-6580 (print); 2319-6599 (online)


Indian Journal of Automation and Artificial Intelligence

http://ijaai.informaticspublishing.com/ISSN: 2320-3994 (print); 2320-4001 (online)


Indian Journal of Oncology and Radiation Biology



Indian Journal of Nanoscience

http://ijns.informaticspublishing.com/ISSN:2320-9674 (print); 2320-9682 (online)


Indian Journal of Economics and Development

http://ijed.informaticspublishing.com/ISSN: 2320-9828 (print); 2320-9836 (online)

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