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Cambridge Books Online - NLIST

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Welcome to Cambridge Books Online


Cambridge Books Online is available to Library under a number of attractive and flexible models, ensuring instant access to the best research available.                                                                                                                                                                

English Language Teaching

Access Information:
  •  Purchased Access - Use Your NLIST Username and Password to Access the Following Books.


  1. A Course in Language Teaching Trainee Book : Trainee Book : Penny Ur 
  2. Academic Listening    : Research Perspectives : Edited by John Flowerdew 
  3. Achieving Success in Second Language Acquisition: Betty Lou Leaver, Madeline Ehrman, Boris Shekhtman 
  4. Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching : Second edition : Jack C. Richards, Theodore S. Rodgers 
  5. Assessing Grammar : James E. Purpura 
  6. Assessing Language through Computer Technology : Carol A. Chapelle, Dan Douglas 
  7. Assessing Listening : Gary Buck 
  8. Assessing Reading : J. Charles Alderson 
  9. Assessing Speaking : Sari Luoma 
  10. Assessing Vocabulary : John Read 
  11. Assessing Writing : Sara Cushing Weigle 
  12. Assessing Young Language Learners : Penny McKay 
  13. Cognition and Second Language Instruction : Edited by Peter Robinson 
  14. Conversation : From Description to Pedagogy :Scott Thornbury, Diana Slade 
  15. Critical Pedagogies and Language Learning : Edited by Bonny Norton, Kelleen Toohey 
  16. Curriculum Development in Language Teaching : Jack C. Richards 
  17. Developing Professional-Level Language Proficiency : Edited by Betty Lou Leaver, Boris Shekhtman 
  18. Dialogue Activities : Exploring Spoken Interaction in the Language Class : Nick Bilbrough 
  19. English for Academic Purposes : A Guide and Resource Book for Teachers : R. R. Jordan 
  20. English for Specific Purposes : A learning-centred approach : Tom Hutchinson, Alan Waters 
  21. Five-Minute Activities for Business English : Paul Emmerson, Nick Hamilton 
  22. Games for Language Learning : Third edition : Andrew Wright, David Betteridge, Michael Buckby 
  23. Introducing Second Language Acquisition : Second edition : Muriel Saville-Troike 
  24. Language Activities for Teenagers : Seth Lindstromberg 
  25. Language Transfer : Cross-Linguistic Influence in Language Learning : Terence Odlin 

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